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Making art is natural response to many issues that both stimulate and disturb me. Since I can remember it has been a tool of expression, an expression that starts on paper whether by a line as a beginning a sketch, or by words in a form of a diary, or notes. I have been blessed with parents that nourished my love for the arts and allowed me even at an early age to pursue it. 


Now as a grown woman, a mother, with a professional role at a museum institution, I continue my relationship and passion for the arts. 


I received formal university training, which opened my eyes to diverse setting different than the one I have grown up in. These experiences shaped who I am today, and what sort of art I make. I have always been classified as a painter, yet I have also experimented with various mediums that allowed me more freedom. Conceptual works and video became my new visual language. 


If I were to describe what type of artist I am, I would say I use anything that will allow me to translate a thought, and create a new and unexplored theme through a body of work. 


My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience. I am influenced by themes from my daily life, be it social, political or historic and transitional. My visual language is expanding by time its an active and ongoing process. 


I admire and learn from masters of modern and contemporary Arab art, yet at the same I equally appreciate arts from various parts of the globe.

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